Introduction into the art of songwriting

I’ve spent a few years trying to write the perfect song.Many times a song will write itself,however does that make it a good song?For a song to be good it must have many things integral to its structure.It must have a melody that is appealing,if its doesn’t have that then it needs at least a hook that people and latch onto in some way or another.

Subject matter is yet another thing.There are loads of things to sing about,and sometimes a genre will donate to a particular subject,along with a key or mode.

Another thing is to remember there are no real rules to the game.This is what makes songwriting so incredibly difficult to do.You could spend hours on an idea and it might sound great,but do people understand it?

Do have any less of a song if people don’t understand it?Have you measured it soundly,does the song communicate the idea in the simplest way possible,yet still eloquently.

Who your the song to appeal too anyway,is it a man or a women or both?How do you want them to feel?

?There are a plethora of options and absolutely no real rules other than the logic you apply to the process.However there are guidelines you could follow and some basic common sense.Tune into this website and I can offer the budding songwriter some of these through common sense examples.

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